Amazon Unveils $199 Kindle Fire Tablet & $99 Kindle Touch: Live Blog

Today eBookNewser will be live-blogging from Amazon’s press event in New York City.

Follow along below and explore the new $199 Kindle Fire at this link.

9:57 We are in the press room waiting for the event to begin. Bloomberg is already reporting that the Amazon tablet will be $199, have a 7″ screen and have no 3G.

10:02 Video is beginning. Testimonials from users about their Kindle.

10:05 Jeff Bezos on stage sharing quotes about criticisms of Kindle.

10:08 Four years ago 90,000 eBooks, now 1 million.

10:11 Bezos produces the Amazon Kindle Touch, a touchscreen version of the Kindle.

10:16 Bezos is demonstrating the eInk device. He uses the touch screen to look up words using a new feature called x-ray. You can look at the bones of the book to find historical references from Wikipedia.

10:20 It will sell for $99. It has a long battery.

10:21 Jeff Bezos just announced the Amazon Touch 3G. No data plan, it works in 100 countries around the world. $149. Can preorder both today. Ship Nov 21st. “We’re gonna sell millions of these.”

10:23 Will also sell a $79 Kindle does not have touchscreen. It is under 6 ounces, 18% smaller, faster page turns. “We’re making premium products and offering them at non-premium prices.”

10:24 Special offers + Amazon Local. If you order this edition today, it ships today.

10:29 He is now talking about Amazon Prime and instant video and partners. Bring on the tablet.

10:30 And now he is talking about Amazon Web Services.

10:33 Wants to bring together Amazon Web services, Amazon Prime, Kindle, Instant Video, MP3 and Amazon App Store. Kindle Fire. The Tablet. 7 inch IPS display, ultra wide viewing angle. Dual core processor. 14.6 ounces. All the content.

10:36 Making fun of syncing, Bezos introduces Whispersync for books, movies and TV shows. Will keep your place across devices. You can read with music playing in the background.

10:36 Bezos is demonstrating the device. We’ll post the video later today.

10:43 Amazon is redesigning their web browser for mobile browsing. It is called Amazon Silk.

10: 50 Kindle Fire. 14.6 ounches. dual core processor. multitouch 7 inch IPS display. Whispersync. Amazon Silk. $199.

10:54 Here is a link to these videos:

Kindle Fire ships November 15th.

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