Amazon Removes, Then Restores Self-Published Star Wars Inspired Kindle Book

UPDATE: Amazon has contacted AppNewser to report that they have restored this title to the Kindle Store. We checked it out and it is now available.

Amazon has removed the self-published Stars Wars memoir A Long Time Ago: Growing up with and out of Star Wars from the Kindle Store citing trademark as the reason.

The author, Gib Van Ert explained the removal in an email to  Boing Boing. He writes that Amazon’s “emails are vague, but they seem to being saying that I have to have Lucasfilm’s permission before selling on their store a book that talks about Star Wars. It’s a crazy position–Star Wars is a massive pop cultural and generational phenomenon, as my book tries to explain through a personal narrative.”

According to the book’s Amazon listing, it is a personal memoir about growing up in the era of Star Wars. Here is more from the book’s description: “Some time in the summer of 1977, sitting in the back seat of a borrowed station wagon at the only drive-in in town, Gib van Ert saw the first ninety minutes of a film that changed his world–and the world in general–forever. Then he fell asleep. So began a torrid thirty-five-year love affair with Star Wars, complete with infatuation, lust, devotion, jealousy, betrayal, despair, separation and reconciliation.” Amazon is still selling the print edition of the book, which confuses the issue.Star Wars is a also very popular genre for fan fiction.

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