Amazon Server Problems Continue – Skynet Not Involved

It’s been over 24 hours and Amazon is still having problems with its hosting service.

It’s not clear yet exactly what caused the problem, but Amazon has already denied the involvement of SkyNet: “From the information I have and to answer your questions, SkyNet did not have anything to do with the service event at this time.” Of course, that’s what SkyNet would say.

The list of affected sites has grown, and at least one of the names is a surprise., for example, was using Amazon to store its files, not its website. Did you know that it had even planned for accidents by paying extra for redundancy? That ended up not helping any, thanks to a poor system design.

The redundancy offered by Amazon was taken down by the same server crash that took down the primary servers. This is like storing backup copies of your files on a second hard disk that is still in the same computer. When that computer dies, access to both sets of files dies with it.

But Amazon is working hard at getting the servers up and running again, and has even gotten advice from Twitter users on how to fix the problem. However, there’s no indication that Amazon has followed the advice.