Amazon to Launch New Delivery Center

Have you ever had trouble with getting a delivery while you’re at work?  Amazon just might be working on a solution for that.

A story broke over the weekend about how Amazon was testing a new delivery center that it was planning to install in 7-Eleven stores. The new system was in a limited beta test at a few locations in the Seattle Capitol Hill area. Geekwire (a Seattle based tech blog) started looking and today they found one of the new installations in a 7-Eleven on East Madison Street in Seattle.

It’s not actually turned on yet; the beta test doesn’t start until Friday. But the blogger did take note of a few details. There were about 40 lockers in the unit, and it was installed next to the entrance. The store clerk didn’t know anything about it other than it would be activated on Friday.

Here’s how it might work.  After you order something from Amazon, you’ll get the shipping info. One of your options might include redirecting your parcel to one of these locations. If you do so then you will be given a code of some kind. You’ll be able to pick up your package by entering the code in the keypad (there’s rumors that there might also be a barcode).

Now the benefits of this system are clear, but what about the cost? Amazon would have to rent expensive square footage in quite a few stores if this gets rolled out nationwide. Also, this would likely qualify as having a local business presence, which means Amazon would be required to collect sales tax.

Would you like to use these lockers?