Amazon to Split Kindle Bestsellers List Into Free/ Paid Categories

The top bestselling titles on Amazon’s Kindle bestsellers list are free eBook downloads, a fact that’s gotten on the nerves of publishers who are in the business of selling their eBooks for money. Publishers Weekly reports that Amazon has given in to protests and decided to split the Kindle bestsellers list into two lists: one for paid titles, another for free titles. This will look similar to what Apple does in its App and iBooks store.

Here’s more from PW: “A representative at the e-tailer has confirmed that the company will be splitting its Kindle bestseller list, creating one list for paid books and another for free titles. The date for the switch is vague—the rep would only say it will happen in ‘a few weeks'”

What do you think? Does this make the list more or less representative of what eBook fans are reading?

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