AMC Theatres Tops This Week's Most Explosive Pages

The race to a million fans is on for the pages featured on our exploding list, and this week we discuss pages and international trends that cover everything from the U.S. Olympics to a highly popular fashion line.

The race to one million fans is on for the pages featured on our exploding list, and this week we bring you quite a few notable names nearing that milestone. We track the budding trends, discuss pages that range from sports to fashion, and even bring you an April standout that has absolutely exploded in popularity throughout this month. These pages are all measured by their weekly growth increase totals. Check out this week’s list below, and if you like what you see here, there’s plenty more in-depth statistics on pages here.

This Week’s Explosive Pages

Name # Of Fans Daily Growth Weekly Growth
1. AMC Theatres 839,349 29,048 199,507
2. Disneynature 287,183 21,646 170,128
3. Diddy 824,220 1,502 153,685
4. Reebok India 616,290 31,032 142,387
5. Garanti Bankasi 213,863 21,847 129,066
6. Wendy’s 954,160 3,390 127,617
7. US Olympic Team 448,718 18,554 124,264
8. GUESS? Inc. 964,576 2,079 101,843
9. Citroën 217,329 2,317 90,097
10. Intel 449,855 22,839 88,228

On the big screen or your stereo: AMC Theatres‘ official home on the social network has welcomed the masses by offering a chance to win free goodies in exchange for paying attention to its creative ongoing contest. The page nabs the top spot this week; 199,507 movie lovers have tapped the “like” button since last Wednesday. Disneynature is set up to promote recently released film African Cats; a 178, 128 weekly growth total helped the page land just behind AMC.

Rap music legend Diddy is offering picture and text updates while he is on the road that are filled with fan photographs from various meet and greets; the updates have helped his page see a 153,685 increase.

Around the globe: Reebok India is the fourth page mentioned this week. The brand is serving as an information hub for the Cricket World Cup; the sponsorship has helped weekly growth totals take a noticeable leap forward as it accrued 142,387 new sports fans. Garanti Bankasi, a leading bank in Turkey, is watching its fan total continue to increase with the help of a giveaway contest; 129,066 people have helped the page land in the midway spot on our list. Use Facebook to get the inside scoop on the latest vehicles hitting the streets from French automobile company Citroën; the interactive material found on the page helped the company achieve a 90,097 seven-day increase.

Closing in on the million milestone: The masses seem to be assembling around Wendy‘s on the social network, but that is not necessarily a good thing in this case. Many appear to be seeking the opportunity to express disapproval regarding the new french fries the fast-food chain is currently campaigning; 127,617 fans were tallied as Wendy’s landed in the sixth spot. Renowned fashion brand Guess has seen a rapid rate of growth, and it will surely reach that million milestone in the coming days. It is currently offering exclusive access to its recent fashion show; 101,843 new viewers tuned since last Wednesday.

We close discussing the building excitement for the U.S. Olympic Team; the page lands in the sixth spot with a weekly growth increase of 124,264. Intel finishes out our list this week; the page features amusing exclusive footage that attracted an additional 88,228 new social networkers.

An April standout: Within the past month, CVS Beauty Club‘s popularity has skyrocketed. The page has recently been growing at a weekly growth rate of 11.24 percent, and within the past few weeks it has welcomed more than 110,000 new fans. Head to the Beauty Club for all the latest deals and tips.

Readers, are any specific trends or pages standing out to you this week?

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