Now Branding at L.A. Times: American Airlines

'L.A.'s #1 Airline' takes over L.A.'s #1 newspaper.

In this morning’s “Politico Playbook,” Mike Allen teases one particular media observation as follows:

And here’s what greets those who click through:

The best immediate reaction to Allen’s LAT-meets-LAX A1 note belongs to Neil King, global economics editor for the Wall Street Journal. Referencing another portion of today’s Playbook (which links to this page), he tweeted:

The L.A. Times has packaged several front-page splash ads for its Sunday print edition recently as well. In July, it even let some Despicable Me 2 Minions take over the nameplate.

P.S. The ‘More on pages A8 and A9’ tease at the bottom of the LAT front page points not to any sponsored content but rather another rectangular ad that spreads across the bottom half of those two pages. The inside ad touts the airline’s Flagship Check-in and Flagship Lounge available to international travelers departing from LAX.

Update (2:00 p.m.):
Also via Twitter, Andy Baio shares a glaring typo at the top of the Carly Fiorina front-page, bottom item. The article is tagged to SAN FRANCISCIO.

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