American Idol Bringing Auditions To MySpace

American Idol is kicking off their tenth season with something a little different – they are opening up their talent search to MySpace, giving contestants the opportunity to participate in auditions from the comfort of home. Simon Fuller, creator and producer of American Idol, said “Involving MySpace means now – for the first time – artists can post their auditions online prior to attending our live auditions. We are hoping and expecting this to be the biggest ever talent search in our history.”

Idol’s partnership with MySpace follows Fox’s recent Glee open casting call on MySpace earlier this year. The MySpace Glee auditions received more than 34,000 entries, 105 million votes and 23 million views. American Idol, being the number one show in the United States for seven consecutive seasons, is expected to get a much larger volume of auditions and views, making it the largest talent search in the world!

President of MySpace Music, Courtney Holt, spoke about their collaboration with Fox on the upcoming auditions. Holt said, “We’re thrilled to be a part of the biggest show on television as we work with American Idol to bring an added discovery component to Season Ten’s auditions. MySpace is committed to finding new talent and providing musicians with the best promotional platform out there.”

With YouTube sensations like Justin Bieber, Journey’s Arnel Pineda, and most recently Greyson Chance topping the charts, talent scouts and casting agencies are discovering the power of the web and social video sites when it comes to discovering new talent. The MySpace American Idol auditions will give talented singers (and probably not so talented singers as well) the opportunity to try out for Idol even if the live auditions aren’t coming to their city or they can’t take off work or school to audition. It will be interesting to see how many people will audition on MySpace as well as the quality of talent that will be discovered.

Wannabe Idols can learn more on the American Idol MySpace page. What do you think about the new trend towards MySpace auditions for talent discovery? Do you think we’ll be blown away by the talent on the next season of the show, as MySpace brings opportunity to a wider range of potential Idols?

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