American Idol Brings Out Raw Emotion In Latest YouTube Hit

Today one woman’s outrageous reaction to Lee DeWyze winning American Idol is climbing the YouTube charts. The woman, who was clearly rooting for Crystal Bowersox, demonstrates some of the rawest emotion ever to hit the web video streams. “I hate you!” she screams at the television screen. “My whole life is ruined!” Who knew it was possible to care so much about American Idol?

The video, ‘Mom’s American Idol Final Reaction’, which has racked in over 216,000 views since it was posted yesterday, is allegedly shot by the son of the woman in the video. I wonder how his mom feels about the fact that the whole world now has access to a moment that was apparently very personal and private for her. She screams at her son behind the camera to shut it off, but he keeps the camera rolling and his mom’s emotional tirade is now a hit.

This video is great because it represents a slice of real life. Nothing is staged, nothing is planned, but the purest of pure emotion shines through. It also doesn’t hurt that this is probably one of the most ridiculous overreactions to something as trivial as American Idol of all time. What do you think about this clip? How would you feel if you were the woman in this video, sharing your raw emotion with the world?

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