American Idol Wins the Weekly Ratings

As American Idol criss-crosses the country, last week’s audition shows took the top honors in the weekly Nielsen New York ratings. The Wednesday night edition of Idol led the way with an estimated 1.5 million WNYW/Channel 5 fans and a 7.7 rating.

The next night, Idol settled for a second-place finish (1.2 million/6.1).

CBS’ The Big Bang Theory landed at number three for the week (1 million/5.1). Also at the Tiffany Network, 60 Minutes was number five (877,000/4.5), while The Good Wife was sixth (773,000/4.0).

Back to Fox, the new Kiefer Sutherland drama Touch had a fourth-place debut (958,000/4.9).

More from the Top 10 after the jump

  • *Seventh                     Once Upon a Time                                               WABC      (748,000/3.8)
  • *Seventh                       Criminal Minds                                                   WCBS       (737,000/3.8)
  • *Seventh          State of the Union analysis (10:15-10:30 p.m.) WNBC      (741,000/3.8)
  • *Tenth                                    Alcatraz                                                         WNYW      (716,000/3.7)
  • *Tenth                                        CSI                                                                WCBS        (714,000/3.7)


Fox’s House had a rare Top 15 appearance this season at number 13 (681,000/3.5). Following Idol, Channel 5 scored with the Ernie Anastos/Dari Alexander newscast on January 25  at number 22 (589,000/3.0).

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