Christian Bale Gives Whitney the Weirdest Love of All

It’s a clip that is bound to rack up a new round of hits on YouTube. Until perhaps the rights holder(s) for the 2000 Christian Bale drama American Psycho asks for it to be removed.

Currently at around 25,000 views, the borderline-NSFW scene features Bale’s creepy character Patrick Bateman rhapsodizing about Whitney Houston‘s chart-topping debut album accomplishments. As he prepares to engage in a threesome.

This unsettling slice of serial killer love was astutely re-pointed out yesterday by LA Times music critic Randall Roberts. Creepier than ever.

Also, here’s a related heads up for Huey Lewis fans. When that equally beloved entertainer meets his maker, be prepared for some similar and much more NSFW Psycho-tic attention.

[Album cover photo courtesy Sony Legacy]

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.