American Way is Friendly to Freelancers

Unlike other airline mags, the in-flight mag of American Airlines publishes twice a month, maintains a blog and keeps up its social media presence. “We’re trying to entice people to stay with American Way and use it as a go-to source for travel info even if they’re not on a plane. You can still go to the website and get useful information,” said executive editor Adam Pitluk. “We actually interact with our readers.”

With 90 percent of the magazine freelance-generated, there is ample opportunity for bylines at American Way. “We have our writers we like to kick stuff to,” said Pitluk, “but the best thing to do to break in is read the magazine and pitch specifically to that section. One thing I can’t impress upon enough is to not pitch a standard, stereotypical travel magazine story like a museum roundup. If you’re trying to break in, that’s not the way to do it.”

Find out the right way to get an editor’s attention in How To Pitch: American Way. [subscription required]

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