Amy Alkon Threatened With Defamation Lawsuit by TSA Agent

“Advice Goddess” Amy Alkon has been threatened with a $500,000 defamation lawsuit by TSA agent Thedala Magee, for a column Alkon wrote in which she said she was “raped” during a pat down at the airport. Magee wants the offending post taken down.

Doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

Techdirt got a hold of all the relevant legal wrangling. And Alkon’s lawyer isn’t backing down.

Your client aggressively pushed her fingers into my client’s vulva. I am certain that she did not expect to find a bomb there. She did this to humiliate my client, to punish her for exercising her rights, and to send a message to others who might do the same. It was absolutely a sexual assault, perpetrated in order to exercise power over the victim. We agree with Ms. Alkon’s characterization of this crime as “rape,” and so would any reasonable juror.

Having been patted down at the airport before (all you anti-TSA folks should steer clear of Israel) we doubt there’s a “reasonable jury” out there who would consider such a procedure rape. But Alkon appears to have the backing of the Cato Institute on this one, who no doubt wants to make a giant spectacle out of this. So we’re guessing they’ll be willing to risk $500,000 to see this through.

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