An Appreciation of Brendan Mullen By Flea

Today’s LA Times features a remembrance of Brendan Mullen by his friend Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The two go back a long way. Flea recalls a meeting in 1983 when Mullen was the booker for Club Lingerie and RHCP were hoping to get a gig:

Anthony [Kiedis] and I walked in there one afternoon to see him, armed with a boombox and our first demo tape. We were trying to hustle our act, saying and doing what we thought we needed to do to try to get a gig.

Brendan was polite but could have cared less whether we were cool, or popular, or could sell tickets. He wanted to hear the music. We sat down and played it for him; he focused and listened, making occasional insightful comments about the music. We were so proud and excited when he liked it and booked us to open for Bad Brains.

It was a huge step for us to get that gig, but in a much more important way, I felt profoundly validated to be accepted and acknowledged by Brendan Mullen, who was a crucial part — a hub — of a scene that for me had mythological status.

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