An Axios Subscription Will Only be $10K

What a deal!

A subscription to Axios—the upcoming site from former Politico CEO Jim VandeHei—will (eventually) run you about $10,000 or more a year. What a steal! We’ll take five.

VandeHei mentioned the insane price tag during a talk with Recode. When asked about the site’s cost, VandeHei said he couldn’t imagine being “super intrigued with a subscription less than $10,000.” Coincidentally, we couldn’t imagine being super intrigued with a site costing $10,000.

Not that all of Axios will cost that much. VandeHei plans to launch the site as free to readers at first. In year two or three, his goal is to have half of revenue from ads and half of revenue from subscriptions and live events.

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