An Embarrassment of Gets

If getting too many intriguing guests is an embarrassment, then keep them coming.

Last week writer Carol Joynt, who hosts the Q & A Cafe, announced that the party crashing Salahi’s would join her in the cafe on June 17. Now film director Oliver Stone is coming too, on June 24.

The last 48 hours have been turbulent for the Salahi Q & A Cafe. Joynt received word from a Salahi “intermediary” that they wouldn’t be able to do the feature until July. “When I asked them not to mess with me I guess they decided not to mess with me and honor their commitment,” she said. “I mean, that interview was confirmed. And confirmed and confirmed. So, it’s on, but who knows?”

The Salahi’s will not be paid for their interview with Joynt — in fact, no one is paid for such engagements. An inquiring mind asked Joynt over the weekend if the infamous couple would receive a fee. To which she flatly told FishbowlDC that the answer was a big fat no: “They’ll each get a cupcake from Georgetown Cupcake, who sponsors the show.”

Visit here for updates and to learn more. The all-inclusive fee for each event is $50. Seating begins at noon. For reservations, call 202-912-4119.

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