An Illustration Of The iPad Affect On Personal Computing

In past blog posts I have written about the iPad’s potential to revolutionize personal computing, and how Steve Jobs considers the iPad to be his most important achievement. Today I found a blog post by Chuck Hollis, who is a VP at EMC Corporation, that I think perfectly illustrates what I have been trying to explain in my previous posts. I highly recommend that you read…

What iPads Did To My Family

In the blog post Chuck writes about how the iPad that he bought quickly became the sole computer used by his family. Now, you might consider the family’s reaction to the iPad as a matter of “shiney new object attraction,” and I don’t doubt there is a certain amount of truth to that; I would be interested in reading whether the iPad continues to be as heavily used by Chuck’s family a month later. However, I think it is worth noting that given the significant amount of technology accessible to the family, if the iPad wasn’t a joy to use they would quickly set it aside to use what is already available to them. In my opinion, when Steve Jobs says the iPad is his most important achievement, it is the picture of how Chuck’s family is using the iPad that is in his mind.

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