An Insider’s Perspective: Lady Gaga Pens Fashion Column for V Magazine

Fashion Icon and Pop Sensation Lady Gaga announced to fans on Twitter that she’ll be penning a fashion column for V Magazine. The singer/songwriter/ lady monster tweeted: “I begin next month as a Fashion+Art Columnist for @VMagazine. + I’ll be resurrecting ‘TRANSMISSION GAGAVISION’ episodes starting next week.”

V Magazine, known for delivering the latest news in music, fashion and the avant-garde arts, says they’re happy to have Gaga’s imput : “V are proud to announce our newest columnist: Lady Gaga! Each issue, Mother Monster will put pen to the page, bringing us an editorial window into her fashion multiverse” the magazine said.

Gaga promises to bring an even wider readership to the already successful magazine. With more than nine million followers on Twitter and 31,636,636 Facebook “likes,” Lady Gaga may be the most influential social media user in the world.

In addition to bringing new readership to V Magazine, Lady Gaga will also bring an insider’s perspective to the magazine’s fashion content. We hope that the artist—known for her elaborate costumes designed by some of the industry’s biggest names—will discuss her relationship with fashion and shed light onto how clothing operates in her performance politics.

I’m continually impressed with Lady Gaga’s use of social media to engage with her fans, and her affiliation with V is yet another means by which the star is making herself accessible. The pop icon leads by example, teaching her little monsters that when you’re an artist, there’s no limits to your creative reach.