LAPD Media Relations Chief Falls Down Reply-All Rabbit Hole

Per an updated item today from NBC LA investigative reporter Ana Garcia, here’s how it seems to have gone.

LAPD officer Tracy Fisher, after answering NBC LA producer Robbi Peele’s inquiry about the number of arrests made in LA this year for illegal animal trafficking, forwarded the correspondence to media relations head Andrew Smith. Smith had some pointed thoughts on the matter, but unfortunately for him – and fortunately for Garcia – he hit reply-all instead of just sending a message back only to Fisher:

“This story could be a black eye for us if we don’t have a few arrests to show. The law has been on the books for months now, and the “rabbit people” are gonna scream that we don’t care. Is there any way you or your crew could make a few arrests for illegal animal purchasing so we can avoid negative coverage?

Smith tells Garcia he in no way was insinuating the city’s men and women in blue needed to start primping for the TV cameras. Barring any objections from the “rabbit people,” that should pretty much be the end of this peripheral distraction to a very serious animal rights issue.

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