Ana Marie Cox’s Next Act: The Guardian

After a tumultuous summer of caring for herself, reportedly leaving her husband and finding her way to a new life, Ana Marie Cox, formerly with GQ, is going to work for The Guardian.

Capital, an online news site out of New York, has confirmed that The Guardian has snagged Cox and Nick Davies for their U.S. operation. Davies, the British investigative journalist who unearthed the UK’s phone hacking story, will be based in Los Angeles. Cox’s locale is unclear — the last we heard, she was living in Texas.

An excerpt: “She did not immediately respond to a follow-up about what Cox will be covering for the site or what her title is, but Cox’s face greeted readers on the homepage Wednesday with a story about Republican Bob Turner‘s victory in New York’s 9th congressional district.”

Cox first surfaced from her hiatus in mid-August with a story for the Guardian on presidential hopeful Gov. Rick Perry. Read here.

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