Ana’s Ex Spills About Break-Up

The Guardian‘s Ana Marie Cox may be keeping herself relatively low-key in Texas, but her ex-husband Chris Lehman let some details slip about how he’s coping after the divorce. Lehman, who recently left Yahoo! News and is a longtime editor at Bookforum and contributor to In These Times, gave an interview to the literary culture blog Full Stop this week about his book, Rich People Things. In the interview, he opens up slightly to Michael Schapira about his recent breakup. Schapira refers to the book as an “act of public therapy.”

Take a look…

You’re in a band called The Charm Offensive. Is this another side of your work as a social critic? “I was very much influenced by punk rock and politically-minded bands like the Minutemen. My lead guitarist used to be in Ian MacKaye’s first band, Teen Idol. I like Fugazi, but I’m not of the D.C. hardcore scene, by any means. My stuff is more poppy. It is the only coherent ambition I ever formed in my young adulthood that has stayed with me. Though becoming a rock star never panned out, I keep going at it. But I write a lot of break-up songs, so it’s not economic.”

Read the full interview here.

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