And They Say Journalism is Dying…

TBD’s Jenny Rogers has an extensive profile of Jane Jayne Sandman and Barbara Martin of BrandLinkDC this week in which she follows the powerful pair over the course of a working day (GQ has declared them powerful; NYT gave them the Sunday Style section treatment).

Rogers, who recently announced she was leaving the confines of the TBD Titanic to join Washington Examiner’s Yeas and Nays column, begins her day with the gals at the gym in a kickboxing class. Rogers writes that she struggles to keep up with Sandman, “who gave birth 10 months ago.” I don’t mean to downplay the miracle of childbirth, but it doesn’t exactly keep you on bed-rest for 10 months. She had a baby almost a year ago. She didn’t have a leg amputated last week. When the workout is over, Sandman “slips into a blue second-skin of a dress and thigh-high black stiletto boots (to cover the “giant shiner” on her shin, she explains).” Rogers doesn’t bother following up on that nugget, because she must feel compelled to protect us from the horror of producing any actually interesting details in the piece.

After the gym, the ladies dash to the salon to get their hair done. As Sandman is getting styled, Rogers writes, “She covers her eyes with her hands as her stylist spritzes her Little Mermaid-esque waves.” I think the phrase “Little Mermaid-esque waves” is “Stab-myself-in-the-eye-with-a-blunt-object-while-children-cry-and-women-weep-and-men-gnash-their-teeth-as-they-watch-in-horror” in terms of bad writing. As the day moves along, we follow the ladies to a book party they’re handling at the W Hotel. Before the event kicks off, we get to hear about Sandman’s exchange with her 10-month-old son, Owen.

Sandman takes a minute to FaceTime with her husband and baby on her phone. “Hi Owen!” she coos. “Hey Owen, clap for Mommy? Want to clap?” She claps. “Now he’s eating the phone,” she says with delight, to no one in particular. “All I can see is Owen’s mouth on the camera.”

We can only imagine this must be what it’s like to have a video chat with Washingtonian’s Garrett Graff. Sandman’s husband, by the way, is UrbanDaddy’s D.C. Editor Jeff Dufour.

Side note

The number of times our fingers slipped and typed Kenny Rogers instead of “Jenny Rogers” was a source of great amusement this afternoon. We can only hope that this juvenile slip-up brings you a fraction of the joy it brought us.