Andrea Seabrook Is Marketplace’s New Washington Bureau Chief

The former NPR Congressional correspondent heads back to public radio.

Andrea Seabrook joins American Public Media’s Marketplace as its Washington bureau chief. In a statement, Seabrook said she was “thrilled to find a home among journalists who share [her] life-long goal: producing journalism that is accessible and conversational, while providing extraordinary depth and context.”

Seabrook was a longtime Congressional correspondent at NPR who left in 2012 after 14 years to start DecodeDC, a podcast that explains the real-world implications of the politics and policy that happen on the Hill and beyond.

Her decision to leave NPR was driven by the soundbite-y tendancies of political coverage and, as she described it in a Facebook post, the “ever-thickening morass” of Congress, “a place where political attacks crowd out problem-solving on a daily basis.”

She explained further in an interview with former FishbowlDC editor Patrick Gavin, then at Politico.

I realized that there is a part of covering Congress, if you’re doing daily coverage, that is actually sort of colluding with the politicians themselves because so much of what I was doing was actually recording and playing what they say or repeating what they say. And I feel like the real story of Congress right now is very much removed from any of that, from the sort of theater of the policy debate in Congress, and it has become such a complete theater that none of it is real. … I feel like I am, as a reporter in the Capitol, lied to every day, all day. There is so little genuine discussion going on with the reporters. … To me, as a reporter, everything is spin.

It’s a sentiment that is even more relevant today.

In her new role, Seabrook replaces Eve Epstein, the acquisitions editor who had been serving as interim bureau chief following Dave Shaw‘s departure in March. Shaw left for an executive producer role at Scripps. Among the podcasts he is responsible for? DecodeDC.