Former Gawker CRO Moves to

Andrew Gorenstein started today.

When Ad Age revealed its “40 Under 40” list for 2013, the description of Andrew Gorenstein began, cheekily, as follows:

“Fancy Digital Exec at Flailing Glossy Deathstar Duped Into Working for Evil Blog Kingpin.” If Gawker had covered Andrew Gorenstein’s mid-2011 move from CondĂ© Nast to Nick Denton’s Gawker Media empire in its usual fashion, the headline might have gone something like that.

Gorenstein is now just over 40, having departed Gawker Media last fall after serving successively as chief advertising officer, chief revenue officer and president of advertising and partnerships. Today, he has begun a new professional chapter as president of advertising and partnerships at

In between Gawker and this new position, Gorenstein served as president of media and advertising for OneUp Sports. The alumnus of Boston University has also worked along the way for Forbes.

Photo via LinkedIn; credit: Victor G. Jeffreys II

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