Journos Hash It Out on Twitter

On Tuesday afternoon, Buzzfeed’s Andrew Kaczynski tweeted a possible new idea for a TV show. He tweeted, “I think we should give Bristol Palin and Meghan McCain a reality TV show and call it McCain-Palin.” That’s actually not a terrible idea. I might actually watch. It couldn’t be any worse than “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.”

Not everyone thought it was such a good idea. Meghan McCain took to Twitter to confront Kaczynski. She tweeted, “you’re gonna live to regret underestimating me.” Uh oh. Could this be a possible smack down brewing over McCain’s upcoming TV show on new cable channel, Pivot?

Well, not exactly.

Kaczynski quickly responded, “Sorry you feel that way, good luck with your latest endeavor.” Well, that was easy. No controversy there. McCain took her time accepting the apology, though. She continued to defend herself, saying, “I’ve written 3 books, and I just don’t get the consistent snarky commentary. Bristol Palin jokes? Really?” Shots fired! McCain CLEARLY doesn’t want to be identified with Bristol Palin.

This prompted another apology from Kaczynski, to which McCain pleaded, “Okay, thank you. Can we just be cool, at least on twitter?” Kaczynski agreed and that’s how BFFs are formed, people.