Andrew Sullivan Makes Debut at Daily Beast

Today is Andrew Sullivan’s first day hosting his blog at the Daily Beast and, so far, his posts are just what you’d expect at The Atlantic.

The guy is still a posting machine. He started the day at his new home at 7:36 this morning with an excerpt from HuffPost. Then, a few more excerpts from reader emails and the Daily Beast. Next, yet another excerpt, this time from the New Yorker. After that – more reader emails. Following those, more excerpts. Including one from Juicebox Mafia’s Matt Yglesias. Then, some excerpts from the Awl.

Finally, at 10, something that isn’t an excerpt. A video. Then some more excerpts, from Slate and FrumForum.

Then comes a twist: a video combined with an excerpt from the Atlantic and a link to another Juicebox Mafia henchman, Dave Weigel.

Sullivan’s first real post came at 11:09, about a Richard Goldstone WaPo op-ed and a favorite topic of Sullivan’s – Israel.

Then a Quote of the Day, an important excerpt titled “How To Beard Thyself Like Brian Wilson,” another excerpt/video combo, this one from Al Jazeera, and a Picture of the Day.

Excerpts are part of his philosophy. As he tells American Public Media (which did a piece on the blog’s move), “The belief is that everything that needs to be said now has already been said somewhere, we just have to find it.”

And here we are.