Andrew Sullivan Working on Book About Christianity

The lifelong Catholic teases his new project.

The first viewer question during last night’s “Overtime” portion of Real Time With Bill Maher was for Andrew Sullivan. To the query ‘What are you working on, now that you’ve retired from blogging?’ Sullivan replied a book about Christianity.

RobertWrightAndrewSullivanFor a general sense of what might be in the book, there is Sullivan’s recent podcast conversation with Robert Wright, author of the 2010 Pulitzer Prize-nominated book The Evolution of God. On the Sept. 22 episode of The Wright Show, Sullivan recalled falling to his knees on a beach after he was diagnosed as HIV-positive and being unable to get up for about 15 minutes:

“I’ve never not believed in God, and I can’t really tell you why… That is just a feeling that reality has meaning, which is not a given. And that the universe has meaning. And that the meaning is the unbelievable and ineffable love of the force behind everything for creation, including us…”

“The only time that sense has disappeared for me was 15 minutes, at the age of 29… It wasn’t that I thought that God did not exist… The thought was that God was evil, that the force behind all things – the ground of our being – was essentially evil.”

As Sullivan recalled earlier this year, the inscription for his first book Virtually Normal is dated to the 1993 day he was diagnosed as HIV-positive.

I wrote under the assumption that it would be the only book I would ever write.

Sullivan’s last book, Intimations Pursued, was published in 2007. In the podcast, he talks in more detail about the new project.

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