Android 2.0 New Features & a Moto Droid Cameo in Google’s Video Demo

YouTube video courtesy of androiddevelopers

Android 2.0 is on its way to end-users in the form of the Motorola Droid that will be available through Verizon Wireless. So, Google got around to…

Announcing Android 2.0 support in the SDK!

A list of new features and technologies for the 2.0 release is available here…

Android 2.0 Platform Highlights

It looks like Android 2.0 can support more than one Exchange Server sync. This is interesting since Microsoft’s own Windows Mobile is limited to a syncing with a single Exchange Server. Note, however, that according to Google hardware manufacturers can elect to leave out Exchange support (boo!). The new Quick Contact feature lets an Android user choose which mode (voice, email, SMS) to use to contact someone.

Camera features includes support for a built-in flash, digital zoom, scene mode selection, white balance, color effects and macro focus.

The dictionary can now learn from word usage and automatically includes contact names as word suggestions.

Android’s web browser games double-tap zoom (like the iPhone), bookmarks with web page thumbnails, and support for HTML5 (like Google’s Chrome browser).

And, oh yes, if you look closely at the video, it looks like part of it was demoed using the Motorola Droid (see the screenshot above) on Verizon’s network.

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