Android Platform Rounds Up Another Billion App Installs in Two Months

It took Google 20 months to reach the first billion installs for apps on the Android platform. Then five months for the second billion. And in Google’s first-quarter earnings call today, senior vice president for commerce and local Jeff Huber said the platform had reached its third billion in two months.

Google also said that app installs are up by 50 percent quarter-over-quarter. In comparison, Apple reached its 10 billionth download in January 2011, up from its 1 billionth download in April 2009.

Other mobile statistics from today’s call:

  • Android is seeing 350,000 device activations per day.
  • More than 500,000 advertisers are using click-to-call ads, which include a phone number that users can dial directly from the ad.
  • More advertisers are turning to mobile-only campaigns instead of bundled campaigns. Advertisers on average see their mobile click-through-rate increase by 11.5% when they run a mobile only campaign. Google mobile advertising now also allows targeting to tablet devices.

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