Android and iPhone Apps Face Off On This Week’s List of Fastest Facebook Gainers By DAU

This week’s list of fastest-gaining Facebook apps by daily active users is led off by the iPhone app now simply known as Facebook.

Facebook (for iPhone) has left behind its usual partners in crime, the general purpose and Blackberry mobile apps. But you’ll notice another one in the category creeping up toward its position: HTC Sense, an Android mobile app for phones using the Sense interface. HTC Sense is a long way behind the other mobile apps, but it’s growing quickly and has DAU as a percentage of monthly active users approaching 75 percent.

Here’s the rest of the AppData list:

Top Gainers This Week
Name DAU Gain Gain, %
1. Facebook 18,117,910 +336,792 +1.89
2. Frases Diarias 851,653 +150,545 +21.47
3. Nightclub City 491,476 +149,637 +43.77
4. MindJolt Games 2,155,916 +120,043 +5.90
5. Zoo Paradise 1,088,126 +97,340 +9.82
6. Family Feud 1,241,987 +68,824 +5.87
7. Bejeweled Blitz 2,601,031 +64,306 +2.54
8. Games 400,581 +54,590 +15.78
9. HTC Sense 938,878 +48,377 +5.43
10. Social Interview 451,794 +45,084 +11.09
11. Friends Emotions [Emociones de Amigos] 192,150 +44,627 +30.25
12. My Top Fans 244,296 +41,258 +20.32
13. Bola 477,926 +37,376 +8.48
14. Garden Life 322,181 +34,621 +12.04
15. Jewel Puzzle 75,522 +32,904 +77.21
16. Belote 35,744 +32,269 +928.60
17. Lovely Farm 31,812 +29,795 +1,477.19
18. 瘋狂診 所 27,745 +27,616 +21,407.75
19. Jungle Life 92,747 +26,879 +40.81
20. Мисуиш ли? 67,163 +24,065 +55.84

Frases Diarias has appeared on both our MAU and DAU lists regularly of late, on its way to becoming one of the larger foreign-language apps on Facebook. Although it’s just a quote-of-the-day app, it seems to be doing a good job at interacting regularly with users, or at least getting its pithy advice posted on their walls.

Over at the Inside Social Games version of this list, we take a moment to discuss MindJolt Games and Games, which can be seen here at numbers four and eight. The two game portal apps are showing a matching rise in the number of visitors who return on a daily basis, suggesting that ongoing efforts to make them more engaging are paying dividends — if the growth sticks, at any rate.

Social Interview, at number ten, is one of the last remnants of the friend quiz category, most of which was banned by Facebook for various platform policy violations. The app has hung onto its users by adding a number of features and categories to its basic quiz format, but it’s probably not actually growing. Right below it, Friends Emotions is in the same category and a similar boat.

Finally, there’s My Top Fans, a social graph analyzer that picks out your top friends. Despite a decline in MAU, this app, like the two game portals above, is showing a rise in its DAU.

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