Android App Helps Icelanders Avoid Sleeping With Their Cousin

Iceland is one of the only modern countries in the world in which citizens can easily trace their ancestry back thousands of years. With a population not much bigger than 300,000 people, this makes things difficult for dating. Practically everyone is related.

To help out, Sad Engineer has developed an Android app called ÍslendingaApp SES that lets Icelanders search for any other Icelander to see how they are related.

The app developers recently released a feature to called “bump” that lets people bump their phones against another person’s phone to see how they are related. The feature is designed to help Icelanders avoid sleeping with their first and second cousins. Check it out:

The ‘Incest Prevention’ is a fun feature that the user can enable through the options menu which will notify him with both text and sound if the one he bumps with someone who is too related to him. Our slogan for this feature is: ‘Bump in the app before you bump in bed’.

(Via CNET).

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