Android Market 2010 Revenue Only 6% of Apple App Store Revenue

Way back in Sept. 1, 2009, I wrote:

Android App Sales $60 Per Day vs. iPhone App Sales at $10K Per Day: You Do the Math

On March 16, 2010, I wrote:

Average Android User Spends 1/10th of What iPhones Users Spend on Apps

So, anyone following this blog over the years shouldn’t be surprised by this report from TechCrunch:

Despite 861.5 Percent Growth, Android Market Revenues Remain Puny

Despite the huge success Android has had in device sales, its app story is still one of mostly free apps. This, of course, is great for Android users. However, it is a good story for Android app developers who have to depend on in-app advertisements for revenue.

According to TechCrunch’s data source, research firm IHS, Android Market revenues are a mere 6% of Apple’s App Store revenues ($102 million compared to $1.7 billion last year).