Android Market Introduces Merchant Sales Reports for Developers

Android Market unveiled a new type of merchant sales report to developers today that shows extra transaction details about the consumer. The extra data will help developers understand what kinds of devices their paying consumers are carrying, the currency they use to pay and the current foreign-exchange rate.

This could help developers better optimize the payments experience for consumers if they learn that most of their paying users have devices of a certain screen size or with or without a keyboard.

The extra information about currencies should also help developers better price their apps in different markets. Android began allowing developers to adjust the price of their applications for different markets back in February. While paid apps on iOS tend to have prices ending in $0.99, Android prices can be all over the place. The top paid apps in Android Market today range from $1.46 for X Construction to $6.01 for Titanium Backup Pro to $1.28 for Fruit Ninja.

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