Android OS 2.2: 3G/WiFi Tethering – No MiFi Necessary – Will Carriers Block This Feature?

One of the most interesting new features in Android OS 2.2 is its ability to share its 3G wireless data connectivity with other devices. It can do this by either connecting a USB cable to the phone and the shared device (typically a netbook or notebook computer) or by creating a WiFi Hotspot. This is the feature I think most of you will find the most interesting. You can find this in:

– Settings
– Wireless & networks
– Tethering & portable hotspot

This portable hotspot feature lets you share an Android phone’s 3G wireless data capacity with up to 8 WiFi devices. As you can see in the screen photo above the default SSID is “AndroidAP”. You can change to whatever you prefer. Security is limited to wide open or WPA2 PSK.

I tested my T-Mobile 3G downstream speed using DSL Reports mobile speed test found at:

It reported I was getting about 1.5Mbps downstream. My iPad worked fine with the Nexus One provide WiFi hotspot. You are going to want to carry a spare battery or portable USB charger if you plan to use this feature often.

And, don’t be too surprised if wireless carriers turn off this option when Android OS 2.2 starts rolling out to other Android devices.

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