Android OS 2.2: Small Good Changes

If you upgrade your Android phone to OS 2.2 (Froyo), you’ll notice small interesting changes when compared to previous Android releases. The first place you see such a change is on the home screen.

Prior versions of Android (2.1 and earlier) featured a small grid icon in the center of the bottom of the home screen. Touching this icon takes you to screen with all the apps installed on the phone. Froyo adds a Phone icon and Browser icon to the left and right of the Grid (apps) icon. This makes sense since making voice calls and bringing up a web browser are two of the most frequent activities on a phone. It also means I can free up one icon slot on my main screen by removing the old browser icon (still present when I took the screen photo above.

There are also small dots to the left and right of the Phone-Apps-Browser icon set at the bottom of the screen. Each dot represents a home screen to the left or right of the current home screen. The Nexus One has 5 home screens. So, there are two dots to the left and the right when viewing the main screen.

I’m starting to notice more of these little touches as I wander around the Nexus One with its new Froyo update. More later…

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