Android OS 2.2: Voice Dialing & Caller ID Announcement Work Over Bluetooth Now

Although Windows Mobile is largely ignored and continues to lose marketshare (it fell to less than 10% in the last couple of months), I’ve continued to use my HTC Touch Pro2 as my main voice phone because it is able to perform three tasks that neither my iPhone 3G nor my Droid/Nexus One (Android) phones can do when paired with a Bluetooth headset or speakerphone:

1. Voice dial without touching the phone
2. Announce the Caller ID of incoming calls
3. Speak the subject lines of incoming email

Neither the iPhone 3G nor the Android phones seem to have a setting to let me hear incoming email subject lines. However, this is a “nice the have feature”. Voice dialing without touching the phone, however, is a “must have” feature for me. The Android OS 2.2 update finally gives me this feature.

I tested my updated Nexus One with a Jabra Cruiser Bluetooth speakerphone. I could voice dial by tapping the speakerphone’s front panel (essentially a giant button) and speaking a name in the phone’s Contacts list. The Caller ID for incoming calls were announced by the speakerphone too.

The Android phone’s may have been able to announce the Caller ID of incoming calls prior to 2.2 update. However, without the ability to voice dial, I didn’t look for that option earlier.

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