Android Skype User Data Could Be Accessed By Malware

You may recall that back last month there was an issue of 21 apps containing malware in the Android Market that were eventually removed by Google. Google even executed their ability to remove the apps from phones of people who unwittingly installed the apps. If you had Skype installed on your Android phone, as well as one of those malware apps, there is a possibility that your personal information stored by Skype was accessed.

Skype has come forward to admit that, yes, there is a vulnerability with their Android app that makes it possible for malware to access personal information. The company says they are working quickly on a fix. If you have Skype installed on your Android phone, and are concerned that your information has been accessed, the first thing that you should do is change your password for Skype.

Keep in mind that Skype in of itself is not exposing information, it’s the malicious apps that are the concern. Therefore, if you had Skype for Android installed you want to determine whether any of the malware apps where installed on your phone. Fortunately, Mashable has a list of the names for those apps for you to review and determine whether you should be concerned.

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