Android Web Browsing by Phone Model Stabilized Way Back in January

MobileCrunch pulled a graph from AdMob’s recent March Mobile Metrics Report. It shows the breakdown of Android OS traffic by handset model. They note both Android’s fragmentation caused by the many models available and the increased use of Android devices to access the web (4% compared to the iPhone’s 22% share).

AdMob: The Original iPhone is Dead, Android Becoming Increasingly Diversified

Here’s what I found most interesting about the graph, however: There has been a lot of Android devices introduced since late summer 2009. We see a quick growth of using these devices to browse the web at the expense of the first Android smartphone, the HTC Dream (aka T-Mobile G1). However, starting with January 2010, we see a flattening of growth of individual devices in terms of dominating Android browsing (this is independent of actual sales growth). The current Android web access leader, the Motorola Droid, for example, flatlines at about 33% of the Android browsing population. If anything, lesser known devices like the Cliq and Samsung Android phones seem to show the most growth although they continue to have relatively small browsing market shares.

I wonder if the HTC Incredible will change the mix with its release at the end of this week?