Andy Warhol’s Head to Be Smashed at Brooklyn Museum Tonight

You may have missed the window for ticket buying, but at least you can enjoy knowing that there will be people in Brooklyn smashing the head of Andy Warhol in order to get their dessert tonight. For their annual fundraiser, the Brooklyn Museum‘s director, Arnold Lehman, has hired the caterer de jour, Jennifer Rubell, whom Bloomberg reports has created a massive Warhol pinata head, which those attendance (having paid somewhere between $500 and $50,000 for tickets/tables) will smash with baseball bats to get their sweet treats. This follows Rubell’s other recent celebrated catering event, which found the smashing of Jeff Koons‘ metallic rabbits. Here was the word from the invite for tonight’s fundraiser:

Please join us as we break with the traditional arrangements of years past. A newly conceived event will focus on fashion, fun, and culinary excitement as only Brooklyn can do it! Jennifer Rubell, whom New York Times senior art critic Roberta Smith credits with “laying waste to the prolonged ordeal that is the benefit dining experience,” will present Icons, an interactive food journey through the Museum including drinking paintings, suspended melting cheese heads, and more.

If you didn’t have the cash to get in to the main meal, it looks like there are still tickets available for the after party, ranging between $75 and $150.