Unlike Many Music Journalists, NPR’s Ann Powers Does Her Homework

Five years ago, NPR music critic Ann Powers relocated from Los Angeles to, of all places, Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The trigger for the move was her husband Eric Weisbard‘s acceptance of a teaching position in the American studies department at the University of Alabama.

Powers tells student newspaper The Crimson White that she did not expect her move to correspond with a musical-artists renaissance in the U.S. south. She also reveals to Francie Johnson that laziness in the music journalism business remains pervasive:

To prepare for her interviews, Powers listens to the artists’ catalogs and spends time researching online and in music archives. “You’d be shocked to know how many times I’ve talked to artists, and they’ve said journalists will come in completely unprepared,” Powers said. “That just seems ridiculous to me. You wouldn’t talk to the president without knowing the issues. Why do you think it’s okay to talk to an artist without knowing their work?”

So, fellow music journos, shape up or ship out. Other than the occasional meeting at NPR’s D.C. offices, Powers works out of her home in Tuscaloosa. There’s also, in the article, an interesting quote from hubby Weisbard about the pair’s differing musical tastes.

And, speaking of that general topic, one of Powers’ latest NPR pieces was titled “Why We Fight About Pop Music.” For that one, she and Canadian critic, author Carl Wilson touched on his re-issued 2007 book about how huge pop hits can start huge arguments.

[Photo courtesy: NPR]

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