At Impromptu Meeting, Self Magazine Staff Holds Its Breath

Mashable's David Yi reports that a new digital director is on board.

SelfSeptember2015Good item from Mashable’s David Yi. Acording to his sources, Anna Wintour chaired a last-minute meeting Thursday morning at Self magazine to introduce a key new team member for that publication:

The entire staff held its breath – there had been rumors, after all, that the publication would fold by the end of the year. Wintour, ever succinct, announced it would be a short meeting, and the all-hands was to present a new direction for the revamped magazine under the helm of editor in chief Joyce Chang.

Digital, Wintour noted, was the future. To get there, the publication desperately needed an expert. A source close to Mashable staff tells us that she introduced Self’s newest team member, Carolyn Kylstra, who would serve as its digital director. Kylstra hails from BuzzFeed and for the past year has been its health editor, publishing listicles ranging from a post on things transgender people might want to know about fertility to healthy fast food breakfasts.

Yi was unable to get confirmation from Condé Nast. At press time, there is no acknowledgement in the Twitter profile and feed of Kylstra.* Yi writes that there are rumors the December issue of Self may be the magazine’s final one in print.

*Update (September 21):
The info is there now. Kylstra’s Twitter bio specifies that her exact title is executive digital director.

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