Anna Wintour Really Likes Starbucks


Here is something you might not have known about Condé Nast artistic director and longtime Vogue editor Anna Wintour — she really likes terrible coffee.

Buried in an absurdly long New York Times article about Condé staffers adjusting to their new 1 WTC headquarters (New building is different than old building! Sometimes food isn’t good!) was a note that Wintour “bemoaned the lack of a nearby Starbucks in an editor’s letter this year.”

Starbucks? Seriously? Of all the amazing coffee in the city, Wintour longed for an acidy, burnt cup of Starbucks?

Someone get Wintour some Birch. It’ll change her life. Actually, you could just start with Dunkin’ Donuts, since she’s the national chain type.

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