Anonymass Tip of the Week

This reader really lets me have it. After saying I should be “kicked to the curb” (by the way, Ricki Lake called, she wants her talk show back) this reader gets upset because of an added apostrophe in a word and then puts added apostrophes in my name to accentuate the point. Only in the process, the reader manages to spell the word ‘doesn’t’ like this: odesn’t.

Listen, AnonymASS, I don’t mind being your punching bag for the hour, but at least get the spelling right when you’re criticizing someone for an error.

An excerpt:
“Her nametag says ‘Bet’sy Roth’stein.’ Because there’s never an ‘s’ that odesn’t require an apostrophe, right?”

Note to readers: Is it just us or are people getting meaner online? Journo Hate Mail is a brand new feature on FishbowlDC. We’d like to see or hear about the hate or complaint mail that journos in Washington, D.C. receive. Please send your best stuff to You may choose to be anonymous in the post or not, but we need to know who you are and where you work in order for us to consider running what you send us.

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