AnonymASS Tipster of the Week

From time to time (try everyday, sometimes hourly) we get one of our many real and armchair editors out there who want to tell us how to do things differently. Sometimes it’s even informative. Those on the left don’t want us covering the right. They deem most of them unworthy. And those on the right? Paranoia can set in and they assume we’re left of center journalists who won’t cover them fairly.

AnonymASS wrote us yesterday morning: “No one with any intelligence believes anything the Daily Caller writes, so why waste your time parrotting [sic] right wing ignorant spin?”

Response to AnonymASS: We’d be doing a disservice to readers if we didn’t write what’s happening no matter what you think everyone believes. We leave political decisions on what to think and how to think to you. It’s arguably not always that simple. Sometimes we have strong opinions — but not political opinions, more journalistic views of what we think is right, wrong, weird, or, as you said, lacking intelligence.

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