AnonymASS Tipsters of the Day

Not just one of you, but two (two!) of you have so little to do with your time that you made it a point to get in touch and express disapproval of yesterday’s spotted feature, wherein Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader, paid a visit to The City Church.

Dynamite post of the week (then again, it’s onlybMonday): Spotted: Sen. Harry Reid at City Church. With a great back of the head photo that could have been a zillion other people. Needless to say, I was riveted

As were we. We would’ve said enthralled, though, but riveted works, too.

Re: Reid photo choice: You’d be a great selection to head the photo staff at the Chicago Sun-Times

Ha. Good one. But seriously? How is it that you don’t recognize the back of Reid’s head? Are you really Washington journalists? We don’t think you’re really Washington journalists.

And yes, one of us is normally assigned to follow Reid day in and day out on the chance he might do something interesting. Alas, Sunday was a day of rest for FishbowlDC and we weren’t there to snap a photo that would meet your approval, tipsters. That’s why we relied on a picture from someone who was there and frankly, we think you’re being a little harsh with them. Sure, we would’ve preferred that they interrupted the service to get a better angle as that’s what any good reporter would’ve done, but they didn’t. We will be contacting them shortly to make sure they understand this going forward.

You have a point, though. We did make a choice between that photo and this one below, but only because there are rules against such blatant photo manipulation in news reporting. We’ll call this a photo illustration. Hopefully it meets your approval.