Anonymous Floods WSJ’s Facebook Page with Comments

Anonymous, the online hacking group, has inundated several of The Wall Street Journal’s Facebook pages with comments that protest the way it was portrayed in an article published on February 21. The article, “Alert of Hacker Power Play,” details the growing concern among government officials that Anonymous will use its hacking skills to bring about a power outage.

The hacking group didn’t like that, and asked members to post a specific comment on every Journal Facebook page that they could. The attack — which has now ended — started in Germany, but eventually spread stateside. If you check out the Journal’s main Facebook page, you’ll see plenty of this comment:

Dear editors of the German Wall Street Journal, You equated Anonymous with Al-Qaeda in your February 2012 article and the related coverage. With this type of coverage you may be able to stir up fear in the United States, but not in the land of poets and thinkers! With this comment, we would like to oppose the deliberate dissemination of false information and express our displeasure with your lobby journalism. We are Anonymous. We are millions. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us!

Facebook said that they couldn’t stop the attack because when individuals post comments, there is no violation of the site’s anti-spamming rules taking place. Plus, if the social network was going to punish those that leave mindless comments, there would be no one left on the site.

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