Anonymous Hacktivist Group Creates Program To Hijack Twitter’s Trending Topics

The hacktivist group Anonymous – previously crashing corporate and government websites as a form of online protest – has now reared its head in the direction of Twitter.

The group has created software which allows anyone to hijack a trending topic, posting tweets of their choice alongside regular tweets attached to that topic.

Anonymous announced their attack on Twitter on their blog earlier this week. The software they created to hijack trending topics is called URGE, or Universal Rapid Gamma Emitter (Twitter edition). The program is intended to choose certain trending topics and tweet Anonymous-approved messages attached to them “for awareness and bashing corrupt politicians”.

So what, exactly, is the purpose of URGE? According to Anonymous:

“We recently have become tired of seeing trending topics on twitter that were redundant and “pop culture” like. We have also grown tired of Twitter not trending hash tags that actually serve a cause and mean something to free thinkers of the world. We have taken note of why Twitter would not do so, they only trend topics which would “appeal” to people and can get people to tweet more.”

If this takes off, you can expect to see trending topics that are pop-y, frivolous or less-than-serious being overtaken by Anonymous in the future. They plan to fill these trending topics with political messages and awareness that not everything that trends on Twitter is actually important (at least not to Anonymous, anyways).

Have you seen any Anonymous messages on Twitter’s trending topics lately? Let us know in the comments.