Anonymous Rant

Dearest FishbowlDC:

1. The way that you have presented the contestants in each video is extraordinarily unfair.  I am sure that you hand selected a piece that had little laughter when it comes to Brooke’s segment.  This will unfairly influence the audience as you frame your post to say that you are unsure of the clear winner due to errant chads hanging loosely in applause.  Well to me it sounds like you are trying to figure out whose segment has louder claps, NOT who is the funnier of the three.

2. Brooke Hatfield is by far the funniest.  Is it because she is a woman that a FOX news reporter decided she wasn’t the CLEAR winner?  I put my vote behind Brooke 100%.  And if she doesn’t win I will be sorely disappointed

Sincerely, Anonymous

Note to Anonymous: All of you dear readers get to weigh in on who was funniest, not just Rich Edson of Fox News Business. We can’t think of anything more fair and balanced than that.

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