AnonymASS Tipster of the Day

It’s always risky doling out this award on a Monday, which is why we’re making it “of the day” and not “of the week.” We want to keep all our options open as the week marches on.

Our tipster writes:

“Why do you guys continue to kiss Ed Henry’s ass? He’s a terrible reporter, not good on air and a blank blank blank.  Please stop kissing his ass. He was cut from CNN for all of the above stated reasons.”

This was sent after we featured FNC Chief White House Reporter Ed Henry in our quotes this morning, observing his perplexing sucking up to his new network over the weekend. We hardly think our writing about Henry’s sucking up constitutes our “kissing Henry’s ass.” The same is true of this story we wrote on him getting bounced by CNN brass. We have written about Henry’s avid picture taking of Hawaiian sunsets and Hula lessons as well as a Twitter alias named “@edspocketsquare.” Not to mention his bromance with CNN’s Ali Velshi and then the more current squeeze Bret Baier. But hey, different strokes for different folks. We welcome all perceptions in the Fishbowl. No matter how much sense they lack.

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