Another Accidental Graffiti Clean-Up Casualty for Banksy

Another week and another accidental Banksy graffiti cleaning. The last, you might recall, happened just shy of a year ago, when a team of volunteers painted over a Banksy painting valued at around £5,000 in a city in the UK, understandably upsetting the wall’s owner who had previously asked town officials to leave it alone. Now it’s happened again, this time in Melbourne, where the local paper reports city workers cleaned off a wall that happened to have a Banksy stencil of a parachuting rat. And again, the city meant to leave it alone, having realized they had a piece of the artist’s work hanging around on their walls, but had apparently failed to alert all the necessary parties involved in clean-up efforts in Australia’s “street art capital.” We’re thinking maybe the UN should get involved and introduce Banksy to canvas and then ask that he leave his work with security guards at local government buildings. That way they could continue to make free money off of him and not run the risk of it being damaged. This “street art” thing is just too troublesome.